Call for Papers: NGO Research Day 2021 and Special Issue in British Accounting Review

Galina Goncharenko & Tobias Polzer
March 17, 2021
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December 1, 2020

The private, public and non-profit sectors are increasingly affected by digital technologies. The operation of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) takes place in a wider social context in which technology and social media platforms facilitate significant change and transformation. NGOs and their donors mobilise digital solutions for various purposes, such as fundraising, stakeholder and community engagement and online accountability and reporting discourses. Online platforms and social media establish new arenas for communication and provide new spaces for discourses. In addition, technology transforms the power relations and interactions in the sector, for example by empowering beneficiaries to raise their voices and motivating regulators to acknowledge the effects of globalisation in the sector. Given the significant impact of digitisation, it is yet to be understood to what extent and how technology shapes the modern perceptions of the sector, its performance, governance and accountability and NGO identities.

The 2021 edition of the NGO Research Day will be of interest to academics, practitioners and PhD students in the field. It aims to provide an opportunity to discuss papers covering a range of issues under the umbrella theme of ‘NGO Performance, Governance and Accountability in the Era of Digitalisation’. Interdisciplinary research and those using different theoretical perspectives and research methodologies are welcome.

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