EDEN Doctoral seminar on producing and evaluating knowledge in management accounting

December 12, 2022 to December 16, 2022
Lisbon, Portugal
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October 10, 2022

This EDEN Seminar will focus on establishing the domain of management accounting as a topic for research.  As well as seeking to provide a grounding in the kinds of issues that typically comprise management accounting research a significant emphasis will be placed on developing an understanding the diversity of research approaches that may be undertaken in seeking to understand management accounting phenomena.  A key learning objective of the programme is to develop a sensitivity to issues of method and methodology that underpin the knowledge claims at stake in academic research in management accounting.

This course will consist of:

  • Pre-class readings
  • Lectures
  • Discussions
  • Participant presentations
  • Post-class assignment

This seminar is proposed jointly with the 13th Conference on New Directions in Management Accounting.